Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels is not the droid you're looking for.

Josh McDaniels is crazy.


A few thoughts upon completion of Denver’s fifth consecutive win to open the season:

1) Wow.

2) Josh McDaniels is now one of four coaches to begin his career 5-0 (including former Denver coach Red Miller). When Pat Bowlen hired him, and especially after the Cutler and Marshall fiascos, Bowlen had to be thinking about a couple of years down the line. McDaniels is making good on his potential a whole lot earlier than anyone thought. And the fist-pumping to the crowd after the game? Love it.

3) I teach with this guy named George. Good guy, Bears fan. He keeps reminding me that Orton has second place on all the Purdue passing records, behind Drew Brees. I was kidding George that he’s the Bears’ biggest Orton fan. But boy, I’m a believer now. He finally threw his first interception, a meaningless hail mary snatched by Randy Moss at the end of the first half. So now he’s got 7 TDs to the one INT. He’s clearly got what it takes to lead McDaniels’ offense. With the glove off today, he looked even better.

4) The last three of those Orton TDs have been to Brandon Marshall, who suddenly loves Denver so much he shows up for postgame interviews in a Colorado Rockies jersey and batting helmet. And what’s he talking about to Tiki Barber on NBC? Staying humble.

5) This team still has to improve a whole lot before they’re ready for teams like the Colts and Giants. But the next five games, against San Diego (twice), Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Washington? Bring ’em.

6) After today, they can break out those 50s uniforms anytime they want, vertical socks and all.

I don’t know much, only seeing little icons and colored lines on the computer screen, but it looks like Kyle Orton and Brandon Stokely have rescued the Broncos’ season opener on the road. I haven’t even seen the highlight yet, but with maybe 20 seconds to go, Orton threw an EIGHTY-SEVEN YARD TOUCHDOWN to Stokely. They win, 12-7. Wow.

Denver Steals One Late

UPDATE: I’m reading now on Pro Football Talk that Stokely grabbed a tipped pass. So all credit goes to Stokley. Orton continues his reputation of playing ugly, yet somehow winning games. McDaniels will take it.

UPDATE II: And in the night game, Jay Cutler throws a critical pick that seals the loss for Chicago. McDaniels will take that, too.

Writing briefly about the Denver Broncos, Ta-Nehisi Coates wants to know “how they blew it with Jay Cutler.” He links to Peter King, who has this to say:

It was a tale of two teams. Chicago, the team on the rise with the petulant franchise quarterback, Jay Cutler, who forced a trade from the Broncos. Denver, the team on the stumble that let the franchise quarterback go and dealt for Chicago’s retread Kyle Orton. Chicago rising. Denver on the ropes.

On the ropes is too nice. Everything the Broncos have touched in the last five months has turned to crap. Even in the lead-up to this most interesting of practice games there was another slap in McDaniels’ face: Star wide receiver Brandon Marshall had to be suspended for two weeks for insubordination, and there’s no telling if this 6-year-old football player will show up more mature when the suspension ends.

So, all this could turn out to be true. But it’s really separate from the Jay Cutler question. (more…)


Reading along in an otherwise innocuous interview with Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels, I came across this:

On his Twitter policy for the Broncos’ players
“I don’t really have a Twitter policy. I don’t know what it means. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know that ‘MyFace,’ ‘Spacebook’ or ‘Facebook’ stuff. I don’t really know what that is either. The league talks to (the players) about just trying to protect your career, family and all that stuff, so hopefully, they are doing the right things by what the league asks us to do.”

It seems to me that when you have an unhappy receiver who has (a) a desire to be traded, (b) a history of being a poor citizen, and (c) a blog, you should probably figure out what this whole (ahem) “Spacebook” thing is about.


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