Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels is not the droid you're looking for.

Josh McDaniels is crazy.

Whether it’s “crazy like a fox” crazy or “crazy like Randle McMurphy” crazy, we won’t know for a year or two. Some of that judgment will depend on whether Jay Cutler wins a Super Bowl in Chicago, and some of it will depend on whether Brandon Marshall dominates the AFC East as a Dolphin. But after the 2010 Draft, a lot will depend on whether Tim Tebow ever starts a game for Denver.

I got a lot of what I wanted in this draft: a trade down in the first round? Check. Drafting receiver Demaryius Thomas? Check (love that pick). Drafting a new center? Double-check. But the headliner, as everyone knows, is Tebow.

I said last week I wouldn’t mind if we ended up with Tebow. But that was conditional on him slipping to the third round, not on Denver trading up to get him in the late first. Still, I stand by what I said then:

I’m no Tebow fan. But the guy is a hard worker, and if McD decides that he wants to pusue the wildcat offense as a recurring feature of the offense, then you could do worse to have a hard-working, good character guy who wants to prove to the world that he can play in the NFL. Potentially a waste of a pick, but if there’s one thing I’m willing to trust McDaniels on, it’s his ability to coach a quarterback.

Despite what I’ve read others saying, and even my own questions about McD’s sanity, I don’t think McDaniels job depends on Tebow panning out. Maybe Josh Green is right, and in three years he’ll be out of football and running for congress. But if, during that time, Kyle Orton or Brady Quinn has taken Denver deep into the playoffs, with strong contributions from Thomas, Knowshonn Moreno, and Robert Ayers, the Tebow move will be remembered mostly as a dumb move by an otherwise successful coach.

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