My thoughts on the iPad run like this:

1) I want this.
2) I’m not sure what I’d do with this.
3) I don’t need this.
4) But it’s cool.
5) Repeat.

Slate’s Farhad Manjoo explains how great the Kool-Aid tastes. And Tyler Cowen notes that the design would seem to cleverly position the iPad as the first iTextbook. Now THAT makes sense:

My theory is that Apple wants to capture a chunk of the revenue in this nation’s enormous textbook market — high school, college, whatever. Why lug all those books around? The superior Apple graphics, colors, and fonts will support all of the textbook features which Kindle botches and destroys. Apple takes a chunk of the market revenue, of course, plus they sell the iPads and some AT&T contracts. There are lots of schoolkids in the world.

That’s pretty brilliant. And here’s the company that’s going to make it happen, apparently.

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